Skeletons & Reapers

Skeleton costume accessories for skeleton costumes and your appearance as Grim Reaper, Grim Reaper and Bone Skeleton. Skeleton gloves, skeleton costumes, skeleton masks and skeleton make-up. Buy now for Halloween and carnival online!

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Skeleton costume accessories

Everything for your appearance as skeleton and grim reaper

The skeleton costume is one of the most popular costumes for Halloween and carnival. Skeleton costume accessories are always in the top ten of the best selling costume accessories.

How to dress up as a skeleton

With the right skeleton costume accessories, you'll quickly be dressed up as the Grim Reaper, Boandl Kramer or Bone Skeleton. The important thing is that you look really scary as a skeleton with the right skeleton costume accessories. Whether you want to be a grim reaper, a bone skeleton or a dangerous reaper is up to your imagination and depends on the skeleton costume accessories you buy.

Skeleton costume accessories as costume accessories

Simple skeleton costumes are available for little money and consist mostly of a black jumpsuit with white bone print. Now all you need is some skeleton costume accessories and you're ready to go as the Grim Reaper. Get some black and white make-up to create the face of a skull, gloves with 3D bone application and a ghost scythe. If you want to make a more dramatic and effective appearance as a bone skeleton, there are skeleton costumes with 3D bone structure made of latex or vinyl.

Make-up or Halloween mask as skeleton costume accessories?

An important aspect of your skeleton costume is of course the facial area. Only the bony appearance of your face as a skull makes your appearance as a grim reaper look perfect. We have a wide selection of skeleton costume accessories here at With a skull mask as a skeleton costume accessory you have a quick solution and don't need to make a big effort. However, the skull mask as a Halloween mask has the disadvantage that you sweat very quickly under it and you can not entertain yourself well.
To make you up as a skeleton, there are numerous skeleton costume accessories. Starting from simple black and white theatrical make-up to special make-up applications made of foam latex or latex. With these, skull-like cheeks, jaws and noses can be mounted on your face with skin glue. The highly professional skeleton costume accessories make you look like a Grim Reaper from a Hollywood horror movie.

Toy weapons as skeleton costume accessories

Take your Grim Reaper appearance to the extreme with a matching toy weapon costume accessory. The obligatory scythe is almost a standard skeleton costume accessory, but how about some bony skeleton wings or an eerie glowing pit lamp? Heavy-looking, rusty plastic chains are a wonderful skeleton costume accessory that will also draw attention. A musty scented oil and creepy looking contact lenses work wonders along with an old, frayed cowl cape as skeleton costume accessories.
When looking for skeleton costume accessories for your appearance as a skeleton, Boandlkramer, Grim Reaper or Grim Reaper, let yourself be inspired by comics, fairy tales and Hollywood movies or invent your own character. We're sure that with your imagination and our mega selection of costume accessories you'll make an extraordinary appearance.

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