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Vampire & Gothic costumes in huge selection for your appearance as Lord of Darkness & Vampire Bride. Dress up now for Halloween & Carnival with vampire costume & vampire fangs as a bloodthirsty figure in a bat cape.

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Eerily elegant and eerily cool: the vampire costume

The bloodthirsty vampire is definitely one of the most famous scary characters in books and movies. From Nosferatu to Dracula to Edward from the "Twilight" saga, the fascinating bloodsuckers always ensure full cinema halls. And there is a good reason for this: vampires exude a very special attraction. They are dark and elegant, dangerous and seductive, immortal and powerful. This makes the vampire the perfect fantasy figure that can be reinvented again and again - like in "Interview with a Vampire", "Vampire Diaries" or "Blade". Do the same and create your own vampire character with a vampire costume. Become a lord of darkness, a bloody vampire bride, a friendly little vampire or an aloof gothic vampire lady.

What do you need for a convincing vampire costume?

If you only want to hint at the vampire in you, reach for a black cape and vampire teeth. With a pale face and a drop of fake blood at the corner of your mouth, you'll have the basics of a vampire costume down in no time. If you want to really make an impression, though, you'll have to dig a little deeper into the costume and makeup chest. Like Bram Stoker's Dracula, you'll want to look like the grandeur of ancient noble houses. Fabrics like velvet and brocade, shiny capes, lace elements and frilly shirts, jackets with swallow tails or dresses with corsages and bat sleeves give you instant vampiric elegance. Because unless you want to be a monster vampire like Nosferatu or the creatures from I Am Legend, you should look your best as a vampire.
Gentlemen wear suits like the gentlemen of the 19th century. Go with stand-up collars and ruffles, fancy vests and neckerchiefs. Classically, you wear a black cape with red lining. More modern are a long coachman's coat or a richly decorated tailcoat. Ladies wrap themselves in dreamy robes with refined details. Long dresses with lacing in the medieval style, for example, are elegant. Seductive and elegant, on the other hand, are pompous dresses with corsages and plunging necklines. Cheeky and sexy, on the other hand, are variants with short skirts. Here, too, a cape adds a vampiric touch. Cape models with lace are particularly feminine. The choice of colour is easy for vampires-to-be: in keeping with their dark aura, vampires generally prefer black clothing. Combine it with red, purple or blue as you like. If you're still unsure, let us inspire you - at you'll quickly find your personal favorite vampire version among the many different costume variations.

What accessories are there for a vampire costume?

The most important accessory for your vampire costume are without question the vampire fangs. Because it's the long canine teeth that make you a true bloodsucker on Halloween, at carnival or at a gothic party. In keeping with the bloodsucking theme, a little theatrical blood is also part of the vampire costume. A drop here and a drop there will make your outfit much more authentic. Your facial skin should also be as pale as possible. Your eyes, on the other hand, can be outlined in black and your mouth made up in blood red. For an all-around coherent vampire make-up, extra matching make-up sets are available. Everything you need for your transformation into the dark legendary figure is already included.
If you're dressing up as a sinister lord, count or baron, be sure to wear a top hat and walking stick. For fans of Bram Stoker's Dracula, the perfect outfit also includes sunglasses with circular lenses. As a vampire lady, long black hair is especially stylish. Luckily, you'll find a wide selection of different wigs at Artful updos or long black manes with white, blue or red strands will turn you into Dracula's bride or the dreaded vampire countess in no time. The matching wig is also the famous icing on the cake for the vampire costume for men. Fingernails are painted black or blood red for a perfectly shaped vampire costume. Jewellery is mainly in the form of chains or brooches with bat motifs. Gentlemen often wear medal ribbons with their noble costume. Fishnet tights in various designs go well with the sexy vampire costume for ladies.
For the ultimate shock effect, go for a latex horror mask. This completes your transformation into a blood-sucking monster. Artificial scary fingernails and coloured contact lenses will also give you goosebumps. Bitten blood capsules let the red elixir of life effectively run out of your mouth and other party guests jump aside in horror. And bite marks on your neck show that you've just been transformed. Creepy!

Bloodsucker junior: vampire costume for kids

Even the littlest ones get a kick out of dressing up as a vampire. Snarling and snarling, they jump around and twirl their capes. Enchanting costumes for the little vampire Rüdiger or a vampire princess turn children into a picture-perfect vampire for a day. This guarantees unforgettable memories and a huge portion of fun. No matter if it's Halloween or carnival - with the complete vampire costumes from kids and teens make a cool impression at the costume party.
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