Animal Costumes

Animal costumes for Halloween & Carnival as a party hit! Dress up for Halloween in a spider costume or as a cockroach. Dress up in a bee costume or as a ladybug to celebrate carnival and theme parties. Buy everything for your animal costume online.

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Animal costumes

Now it's time to celebrate "animal" with a funny disguise!

Animal costumes are the classic among the disguises for carnival and Halloween. Where the idea of dressing up as an animal came from is not exactly known, but probably the origin lies with our ancestors, who already in prehistoric times dressed up in animal skins for ceremonies and religious celebrations. Today, a cuddly animal costume primarily means simply having fun dressing up.

Animal costumes in carnival & street carnival

Most animal costumes are conveniently made of fuzzy, soft plush material, which helps keep you warm during the cold season that is Mardi Gras. Most animal costumes are also relatively generously cut, so these can easily be put on over your regular clothes. A majority of animal costumes consist of overalls and a headpiece, which thus gives the animal costume its fun look. Some animal costumes stand out with additional accessories like gloves and boot covers, which then like the Cute Penguin Costume. M or the Funny Chicken Costume Premium only gives its authenticity.

Animal costume by costume accessories and make-up

Some animal costumes don't even need a big costume, but rather live on a successful animal make-up and matching costume accessories. Make yourself up as a cute deer or Reindeer costume and get the deer headband or the Reindeer antlers Headband, the matching costume accessory. A little pink piggy nose with pig ears as a hairband or Bat Wing Black and the matching set at Bat eye mask with bat ears, help you transform into an animal character. Cat ears and cat tail are a must-have for any costume wardrobe, as are fox tail and Bunny ears with pink fluff. Simple instructions for animal make-up can be found in our magazine.

Creepy animal costumes for Halloween

An animal costume doesn't always have to be cute and sweet, so you can also wear an animal costume for Halloween. How about dressing up as Full Moon Killer Wolf Costume. XL and howling at the full moon or visiting the Zombie Walk dressed as an animal carcass infected by zombies. Animals always play a big role in various horror movies and so you can get an idea from a whole range of animal horror movies.
How about the SAW Pig or "Willard & Ben" in which dangerous rats play a role. One of the most famous action movies in which animals play a role might be "Planet of the Apes". We have a great selection of ape masks, gorilla gloves and chimpanzee shoe covers as costume accessories. Not quite as brutal, but still a Halloween costume from the animal kingdom, is the Cockroaches Costume One Size with giant antennae and the eight-legged spider costume that can all move at once. Certainly not for people with arachnophobia. So with such a huge selection, it shouldn't be hard for you to find the right animal costume for you.

Cuddly animal costumes for babies and toddlers

Cute animal costumes for babies and kids are often the first disguise ever bought for the offspring. The mostly cuddly soft animal costumes for children, represent the animals very often extremely belittled and are characterized by large button eyes, friendly facial expressions and practical handling. Many of the animal costumes for babies and toddlers are onesies or baby sacks with snap closures, making them easy to put on and take off.

Animal costumes for groups

Animal costumes work especially well as couples costumes or group costumes. What could be more fun than a whole horde of chickens, cows or monkeys making the carnival parade unsafe? With a whole horde of different animal costumes, you can also throw a "zoo theme party" in the kindergarten. Own a fantastic animal costume now and dress up as a raccoon, fox, bull or wolf and complete the carnival procession with it.

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