Santa Claus & St. Nicholas

Whether it's a Santa costume or a Santa Claus costume, both can't be missed at the Christmas party. Here you'll find everything from Santa Claus beard, bishop's staff and Santa Claus rod to Santa Claus boots for your appearance as Santa Claus.

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Santa Claus costume or Santa Claus costume?

Here the spirits divide... Usually, in southern, Christian spaces, on December 6, a man in a Santa costume comes looking more like a bishop. This one, portrayed as a saint, usually just brings the children nuts, tangerines & chocolate. However, the outdated Santa Claus costume is increasingly being replaced by the Santa Claus costume. The Santa costume is an invented fantasy figure, it is a counter figure to the St. Nicholas costume. The "displacement" is largely due to the Reformation. Today, for most families, Santa Claus also comes on December 24/25 and brings far more gifts than candy, displacing the Christ Child as well.

What makes a Santa costume?

A perfect Santa costume includes a red coat with white fur, a white Santa Claus full beard, black boots, a wide belt and a Santa hat. White gloves and nickel glasses are also a must. Santa Claus often carries a rod and a golden bell. Santa Claus holds the presents in his jute sack.

Santa costume for children

Santa Claus, Santa Claus and Santa Claus are of course all very popular with our children. Sure, they bring lots of presents! That's why a Santa costume & Santa Claus costume is also very popular with girls and boys for carnival & fancy dress. With a Santa Claus baby sack you can present your little treasure under the Christmas tree especially cute to the family. Santa Claus costumes are also very popular for theatre performances at school and kindergarten.

Sexy Santa Claus & Santa Claus Costumes

Would you like to play a little prank on your sweetheart this Christmas and seduce him in a sexy Santa Claus costume? Then we definitely have erotic Santa disguises for you. True to the motto "less is more"! With our Santa Claus rod it could also be a little harder...

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