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Musical costumes & show dance accessories for burlesque, musical and revue theatre let the dance fever break out on stage and dance floor. From the 20s to Abba to Zappa we let you become a dancing queen & rock star in the musical.

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Musical & Dance Theater

Dress up as a musical star now

Musical and movies with dance interludes have a long tradition and have their origin in the world of Hollywood black and white movies. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Rita Haywoth were among the first actors to conquer the stage and screen singing and dancing. Musical costumes made their glamorous appearance in legendary shows in Las Vegas as well as on Broadway in New York. From elegant top hats and walking sticks to sequined frock coats and bathing suits, glittering wardrobes and feathers were used, whatever the budget allowed.
Musical costumes were then as now an important part of the stage outfit and has changed over time only in style. While musical costumes in the 20s were still very elegant, partly based on evening dress, they became more frivolous and cheeky over time, and later more colorful and freaky.

Musical costumes in the Burlesque Area

The frivolous times of cabaret and revue theatres brought musical costumes of a special kind onto the boards that mean the world. Burlesque Fan with Black Feathers XXL , sequins and gauzy stage outfits showed more than they were able to hide. Musical and revue stars like Josefine Baker, Folies Bergere and Betty Page replaced the old musical stars and caused a scandal and furore with implied striptease. Shady characters like Al Capone and Buggy's Melon were welcome guests in the cabaret theatres and provided additional turnover in the revue palaces with gambling. Dress up as a revue dancer in a burlesque costume or as a flapper girl in a Charleston costume and get the dance floor going. Dressed up as a gangster, with Black Al Capone Hat and Mafia Machine Gun as costume accessories, you fit perfectly into the time of the first musicals. Successors to classic musicals such as "42nd Street", "Moulin Rouge" and "Burlesque" still provide glamorous 20s memories of tap dancing, glittery cylinders and black and white spats.

Musical costumes in the 70s

Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta, provided the beginning of a new generation of musical costumes. The white, chic suit is still the trademark of the musical "Saturday Night Fever" which has remained a classic through the music of the Bee Gees and many stars of the 70s. A short time later, the musical "Grease" with Olivia Newton John and John Travolta, brought the world of the 50s and Rock'n Roll into the cinemas. The musical costumes in the movie consisted mostly of petticoats, leather jackets and 50's dresses with polka dot patterns. Why not celebrate a crazy Grease theme party and dress up in a typical 50's outfit as a rock'n roll girl and guy in a rockabilly costume?

Musical costumes from then to now

Musical costumes have been reinvented time and time again depending on the era and can't really be pinned down to one cliché. In the 80s, "Flashdance" was all the rage, which later continued with High School Musical, Mamma Mia, and Glee. No matter if you put on a crazy ABBA costume, the tracksuit of the gym teacher from Glee or a crazy hippie from "Jesus Christ Superstar", a musical costume is always a good choice for carnival and theme parties. With us you will find a wide selection of costumes and costume accessories to celebrate your own success as a musical star.

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