Masks for Halloween, Mardi Gras and Carnival mask around you and thus remain undetected and to assume the role of a strange character. Huge selection of masks from different materials, order now online with us!

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Masks have been used since time immemorial and by all the history and eras for your own face to hide behind a mask and thus to remain anonymous or to slip with masks in the role of a strange character.

Historical origin of the masks

The word mask comes from the Arabic word Maskharat standing for teasing or joking with a fool.Finds of masks made of stone from the year 7000 us that even then masks for theater performances, art and religious rituals were used.Through a variety of cultures masks have always been means to an end, to celebrate various festivities and rituals.In this country, is the most famous use of masks to watch the Carnival and Carnival, which has its origins in the Perchtenmasken.The hand-carved masks Perchten found mainly in southern Germany and in Austria.

Today's purpose of masks

Today, masks found for certain professions, such as fire and police in areas of chemistry and medicine, there mainly used as masks.Most of the masks but is now prepared for the entertainment area as Halloween, Carnival and Carnival and for the film and theater industry.For this profession also the Occupation artist, whose work area includes not only the makeup and the manufacture of some rather complex masks gave.

Effect of masks

Along with the right mask is a matching costume only really effective.A mask gives your costume character not only the perhaps necessary appearance, but for some performances even essential, because the mask is the true recognition factor of the figure.What would be, for example, the Venetian carnival without his Venetian Masks Venetian carnival masks Which made him only a one-time event or the elegant Masquerade Ball at the court of kings, when the ladies all hide behind mysterious larvae and half masks, in order to increase the attraction of the unknown

Masks Horror

Similarly behaves wearing masks in the horror film, in which many a serial killer hides his face behind a mask, and it is left to the audience guessing until the end, who is behind the mask.Examples abound like the legendary hockey mask of Jason Voorhees or the Scream mask from the horror movie Scream are the best proof that the right to the Horror Masks also creeps can produce.

animal masks

One of the most popular masks are masks that mimic animals.Animal Masks are used on many occasions and are especially popular with children.This love to see in a fairy-tale or theater performance actors wearing animal masks and can communicate with a human voice, despite the mask.The most funny looking or very realistically prepared animal masks can be in school and kindergarten use as well as for a child's birthday or carnival ball.

Masks for Carnival

With a funny carnival mask for Carnival and Carnival you are soon masked without you sure have you only make-up for hours.This is probably the main reason why many revelers prefer wearing masks over makeup.but to wear a mask also has some disadvantages, which we want to point.Under a mask you sweat very easily, visibility is severely limited by the mask partly what it prohibits definitely, to drive a car and to communicate with other participants Carnival is more difficult by far.So to wear a mask has advantages, but also disadvantages.

Halloween Masks Horror Masks

Halloween and horror masks are primarily there to scare people and to care for your Halloween party for horror mood.The masks, which are made for Halloween and horror fans are usually bloody, brutal and disgusting to look at and sit it on as classical motifs such as the witch mask, the devil mask or film known monsters like Frankenstein and Dracula.A nasty Halloween Masks is not necessarily for everyone and you should carefully consider who and what age group especially one so frightened! Derbe Horror masks are not suitable, in any case, in order to attend a Halloween party for children.

Various materials of masks

The times were made in the masks made of stone, are long gone.Similarly behaves with masks carved from wood.The so-called Perchtenmasken wood are manufactured only sporadically as real showpieces by hand what the price justifies from a few hundred to a few thousand Euros.
The conventional masks for Carnival, Halloween and Carnival are made of various materials such as fabric, paper mache, vinyl, latex or foam latex and silicone.Depending on the quality and processing the masks cost from a few euros to professional makeup artists masks specially made, for up to a thousand Euros.

choose the right makeup for the right price and occasion, is up to you.We are sure - through our large selection of masks - something to run for your claim in the program and are pleased if you send us a photo with you and your mask as a mask.

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