Halloween Capes

Costume Capes & Robes as costumes accessories for Halloween, Carnival, Cosplay & LARP. Browse our huge selection of Halloween Capes & Robes in different sizes and colors. All of our Capes & Robes are Unisex and therefore perfect for both Men & Women!

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The Superman Effect in Fancy Dress Capes

What is the most memorable part of a superhero’s outfit? What is the most iconic part of the masked crusader’s outfit? It’s their cape! Halloween Capes are the most important part of many Halloween costumes and at Horror-shop.com we are proud to offer a diverse selection of Carnival Capes and Fancy Dress Capes to put the finishing touches on your Halloween costume. For adults and children, men and women, we have Halloween Capes and cloaks that are the perfect addition to any costume.

What is a Vampire costume without a cape? Depending on your Halloween character, it may be essential to integrate a Halloween Cape into your costume; it’s the superman effect! Go from zero to hero in two seconds flat with a Carnival Cape for your next fancy dress or Mardi Gras shindig. Did you know that capes used to actually be a day-to-day fashion accessory? What we wear today as Fancy Dress Capes used to be a part of daily life. In the middle ages, a cape and hood were worn together. Clergy and military units also wore capes.
Nowadays, we use Halloween Capes to get into the characters of these old folklore tales. You can quickly and easily transform into any of these classic looking and traditional characters in a blink of an eye! Do you need a Cape even though it isn’t Halloween or Carnival? It’s not a problem at all because these capes can also be used for any fancy dress party, role-playing or visual kei.

Vampires in Flight, Halloween Delight in Carnival Capes

Part of the reason why Halloween Capes are such an important part of a fancy dress outfit is that they give the image of flight and the ability to fly. Humans don’t have wings, but a Carnival Cape flowing behind them gives the feeling that there is wind rushing underneath their arms and helping them fly. This imagery is the most pervasive in the well-known vampire or Count Dracula character. With the help of his cape, Count Dracula flies at night on the quest for fresh human blood…
Are you ready to become a vampire for your next fancy dress party? Well, vampires in flight, Halloween delight! It’s a great costume, easy, fast and is becoming more and more popular. All you need is a little blood, fangs, and a Fancy Dress Cape and you will be ready to fly around and find your next victim. This Vampire Reversal Cloak is perfect for the guys and this Vampire short cape is a sexy finishing touch for the ladies’ costumes.

Superheroes Carnival Capes, Devils and Beyond!

Are you dressing up as a superhero for this Halloween? You better start with a good Halloween Cape or Carnival Cape to complement your outfit. In fact, we have a special Superman Cape DLX that is guaranteed to impress your friends! Not sure which is your favorite superhero? Will you dress up as a superhero next year too? That’s no problem at all with our Batman & Superman Reversible Cloak; this Fancy Dress Cape can quickly and easily be reversed and allow you to dress up in two costumes with the same cape… remarkable!
There are plenty of other costumes that require a Carnival Cape as well; this chic Black Deluxe Velvet Hooded Cape adds a mystical allure to your fancy dress outfit and this Red Velvet Cape is the sexy touch any lady will want on her fiery hot costume. This Velvet Cape Black is a very sophisticated cape that will be reminiscent of the alluring royalty of older days that makes for a very unique and polished Halloween Costume.
From superheroes to devils and beyond, Horror-Shop.com has got you covered for the perfect finishing touches with Halloween Capes and Fancy Dress Capes. We have a wide selection of Fancy Dress Capes for men and women, adults and children that will be the foundation for a wide range of costumes. Whether you want to fly away, go from zero to hero, or demonstrate the untouchable stateliness of the upper class from the Middle Ages, your costume begins with a cape from Horror-shop.com

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