Latex Horns

Latex horns for live action role playing game and special effects makeup

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Latex Horns for all Tastes

Latex wounds are the must-have Halloween accessory for an outstanding look. By adding them, you will be sure to impress and stand out at any party. They only take a few seconds to apply to your forehead or scalp and will instantly turn you into a terrifying creature!
Here you will find horns coming in all shapes and colors. Take a moment to discover all the styles of the selection, from the devil to the animal passing through the unidentified sci-fi creature. With over 30 different models, whatever the costume you are looking for, you’ll find something for yourself here.
Nothing is easier than transforming into a scary beast with the Hobgoblin horns, a mystical creature with the Unicorn Latex Application or into the devil himself with the multiple available Demon Horns models!
What about opting for A:Ram Horns with Mastix and Remover for a style between animal and alien? More into a full-on mutant look? Check all these details crafted in the Mutant Spike Horns! Going back to Earth, maybe you’re a very special human with Bone horns made of latex. You can even turn yourself into the scariest party guest with some Black devil horns including mastic u. Blood.

Highly Realistic Demon Horns and Devil Horns

The devil costume is a great Halloween classic. With over than ten different demon horn models, you will find something to turn yourself into the most convincing evil guy or girl of the party. Others will have the mask, maybe the make¬-up, but will they have the crucial realistic horns?
The Devil Horns come in all sizes, from small models like the Demons Horns Black for the discrete, to outstanding Demon Horns Black XXL for those who want to really impress. Add a touch of make-up around any model and they will blend in perfectly with your skin and stand out like real Demon Horns.
And who says the devil’s horns are red? Several models available in this color allow you to stay by the traditional tale while Big Devil Horns and Demon Horns Brown Devil Horns also allow you to create your own alternative style.

Professional Accessible Latex Horns

The Latex horns not only cover all genres but they also deliver professional high value for money. Do you want a basic accessible costume? The Devil Horns Economy models start off at 5,90 €. looking for something more sophisticated? You will also find detailed beast horns, Devil Horns and Demon Horns here. Check out the Kristallelf Horns with LEDs for an original look that will make you stand out among everyone else in the dark!
The technical information and measurements provided with each product will allow you to evaluate how the Latex Horns will fit with the rest of your costume. No need to worry about how to apply them; fixing them is quick and easy and most models come with professional mastic that will do the trick perfectly!
If you are not really into using mastic near or in your hair, models like the No Glue Double Horns can be attached with a transparent string system. You can look like you have horns growing out of your scalp rather than your forehead, which looks even more real!

Make the Difference Next Time with Latex Horns

Halloween comes back every year and costume parties even more often. Because Latex Horns are crafted with care, you can take off and re-apply these horns easily. If you’re a costume fan and you want to get yourself a classy long-lasting outfit that can impress more than once, Horror Shop’s the place to browse!

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