Unicorn Costume

The unicorn costume is one of the most popular fantasy and fairy tale costumes ever. Here you can find everything for your unicorn costume, from unicorn headbands to rainbow wigs and family unicorn costumes for him & her.

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Unicorn Costumes

Unicorn costumes for the carnival ball

Unicorn costumes are very trendy. Dressed up as a mythical creature, it doesn't matter whether you wear your unicorn costume to the carnival, Halloween or the gay pride parade - unicorn costumes should not be missing from any costume collection.

Unicorn costumes for the whole family

Dress up as a whole unicorn family with one of the different unicorn costumes. Mom Unicorn wears a sexy unicorn mini dress, Dad Unicorn maybe the unicorn hoodie, which is especially comfortable & warm, for the kids are best fabulous unicorn costumes.

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn.

Where did the trend for unicorn costumes come from? "The Last Unicorn" more than thrilled us back in 1982 - but now Agnes made the breakthrough with her fluffy unicorn Fluffy from "I - Simply Incorrigible". At the latest now it has caught us all! Unicorn costumes, unicorn decorations, unicorn dog costumes, rainbow wigs and costume accessories - everywhere you look you see the cute mythical creatures. It seems as if children and adults want to escape together into a carefree fantasy world. Carnival, Mardi Gras and Halloween offer the perfect opportunity to dress up in one of the rainbow-colored unicorn costumes.

Unicorn costumes for Halloween

And if you think unicorn costumes are only for carnival fans, you're wrong! The zombie unicorn has long since found Halloween. As you know, every everyday clothing but also every carnival costume can be "zombiefied" - including the various unicorn costumes. With a little fake blood, the disheveled Rainbow wig and some dirt on the costume dress, the sweet mythical creature looks right to fear.

Unicorn Costumes for LARP, Cosplay & Gay Pride

Unicorn costumes are especially popular for role play, gay pride & cosplay. At fairytale events and fantasy events for elves, fairies & Co. unicorn costumes can not be missing. At Gay Pride the costume with its rainbow colors found favor, because the bright colors of the rainbow stand as a symbol for tolerance & acceptance. Therefore, what fits better for Christopher Street Day than dressing up as a motley unicorn.

What do perfect unicorn costumes look like?

The characteristic unicorn horn is the be-all and end-all for any unicorn costume, no matter if it's carnival or Halloween. Often you'll find the horn already sewn onto the hood of unicorn costumes, sometimes in the form of a unicorn headband and occasionally the unicorn horn is even incorporated into a rainbow wig. The colorful unicorn wig is almost a must especially for women. There are no limits to your imagination with the colorful mythical creatures. No matter if you choose the mix & match version with a white tutu costume dress and pink tights or if you decide for one of the already combined unicorn costumes - the main thing is that it's colourful and you feel comfortable in your mythical creature costume.

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