Professional Costumes & Uniform

A uniform costume & professions costume is equally popular for carnival & Halloween. Dress up as a policeman, stewardess or killer mechanic. Every profession costume & uniform costume can always be transformed into a zombie version!

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Uniform Costume & Professions Costume for Halloween

A uniform costume and professions costume is ideal for the scary night. Because you can zombify any service outfit as a disguise ingeniously. Just imagine how great the military uniform could look as a zombie hunter. A little dirt & blood smeared on top and a few holes in it - ready is your uniform costume for Halloween. Also, any profession costume like the fireman disguise and the fighter jet pilot dis guise look awesome zombified.

Sexy Uniform Costume for the Stage

Uniform costumes are especially popular with strippers and go-go dancers, because women melt when they see a man in uniform. Well trained men's bodies, with little uniform costume and lots of bare skin is the perfect disguise for hen parties, JGA, Bachelorette parties - but also suitable for any gay pride, carnival & especially professions theme parties. A sexy uniform costume is simply a hit for anyone who wants to look erotic on women.

Profession costume for the theme party

A profession costume offers you the opportunity to slip into the role of your dream profession at Halloween, carnival & theme parties. Whether you want to go out to sea in a captain's uniform, keep order as a policeman, or swing a feather duster as a sexy maid, a profession costume always goes down well. Even as a partner disguise a uniform costume and profession costume is a great choice! For example, a pilot uniform costume for the man with a stewardess profession costume dress for the woman - a classic. Just like the Racing Driver Uniform Costume along with the Pit Slut Professions Costume is a brilliant combination for couples.

Get the perfect uniform costume and profession costume for the next theme party from our huge range!

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