Halloween Wigs & Beards

Halloween Wigs & Halloween Beards as costume accessories. Order zombie wigs, witch wigs and vampire wigs for your Halloween costume now. The right hairstyle makes the success of your costume character! Halloween wigs for him & her.

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Halloween Wigs and Beards

The right hairstyle as the final touch for your costume

If you want to give your party outfit or costume the final touch and be the eye-catcher at every Halloween party, then Halloween, carnival or fancy dress wigs or beards are just the thing for you. A different hairstyle has an enormous effect on your appearance and can achieve very different effects - whether funny, sexy, creepy or simply wacky. For example, we subconsciously associate different hairstyles with certain personalities: the crazy hair bow of Lady Gaga, the wild curls of Tina Turner, the mushroom heads of the Beatles or the dreadlocks of Bob Marley? They simply have a recognition value!
Whether Men Wigs, Ladies Wigs or Children Wigs- with the wigs in our online shop, everyone can change their hairstyle without much effort and transform into a character of their choice. From A like Funky Afro Wig Black over O like Grandma Wig With Knot to Z like Zombie Wig green everything is there!

Carnival wigs

Wigs transform you especially easily into your favorite character. They make sure that the question: "And who do you represent?" is no longer asked at the next costume party, because they give your costume the final but important touch. For example, become Harry Potter's charming girlfriend Hermione Granger. With the Hermione Granger Wig you can easily wear her trademark bushy hair, which is hard to tame, for a party without putting extreme stress on your own hair. Other characters are also only good to portray with the right hair. Without one Edward Scissorhands Wig, a disguise as Edward is simply not complete, likewise a Marge Simpson costume also needs one Comic Wig Margin in any case.
Don't want to dress up as a specific person? Even then, a wig can be the thing. A rainbow-colored, colorful or for you unusual hairstyle, can often be a party crasher alone. Just try out our Halloween, carnival or fancy dress wigs! Many wigs are particularly versatile and can be used for special costume ideas. So the Death Princess curly wig gray can be used for different creepy costume ideas. Whether you're a corpse bride or a vampire, you'll stand out - in both senses of the word!

The simple costume accessories

Wigs are relatively easy to put on and have a great effect in the process. To make it even easier, we also offer wig stockings. With them it is even easier to hide your own hair under the wig. Ideal is the Wig stocking skin color net, because it is easy to use and is not noticeable by the skin color, even if the wig should slip. Wigs are still very stretchy and fit on almost every head. If they should be too big, they can be fixed with a few handles and a few hairpins on the head. By the way, did you know that men and women in ancient Egypt already wore wigs?

Carnival beards

Not only the hair on your head changes your appearance almost completely at carnival or Halloween. Also the moustache, whiskers, full beard, chin beard or characteristic sideburns - beards change the face very much and make every costume authentic. For example, you can quickly and easily stick on the facial hair of Charlie Chaplin, William Shakespeare or Abraham Lincoln and become a great personality. But even if you don't want to portray a celebrity, a Halloween beard can just be a fun, low-effort disguise. The Beards & Sideburns are either self-adhesive or attach with the skin-friendly Mastix Hautkleber klein.

The perfect Halloween costume

Wigs perfect your Costumes and add the finishing touches that make your costume unique and special, giving you recognition at any Halloween party.

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