Latex Ears

Latex ears as special make-up accessories. Order now elf ears as latex application for LARP, Cosplay, Halloween & Carnival. Huge selection of werewolf, devil and vampire ears. Theatrical make-up & FX make-up for make-up artists & hobby make-up artists.

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With latex & elf ears to perfection

Latex ears are the ideal addition to your costume. Whether you want to be an elf or a werewolf, whether you want to appear as a devil, witch or vampire at the Halloween party, with the matching ears you perfect your look and become the eye-catcher of the evening! Your appearance can't get any more real than this. The simplest costume can be spiced up with this accessory and looks high quality, well thought out and much more real. You create a great overall appearance with these, which will quickly meet with enthusiasm. Not only you will be surprised by yourself and hardly recognize yourself. The ears give you the opportunity to include your face in the costume and create an impressive overall image.

Different types of latex ears

There is a variety of latex ears with which the most different characters can be represented. You can choose from animal ears made of latex as well as round Monkeys Latex Ears or pointed Wolf ears made of latex. You can also easily get especially large Goofy latex ears as sail ears. These are a great addition to the Windbag of Clown Costume. In addition, many mythical creature costumes can be perfected by these designs very well.

Long, pointed versions, on the other hand, complete the elf costume and the most different pointed elf ears decorate your elf costume. Also Red Devil latex ears or models for the alien costume can complete your look. Often your costume becomes a hit only with the matching latex ears, because they give it a high recognition value. Mix-ups are virtually impossible with these accessories, because everyone will recognize what you are representing with your costume.

Which elf ears do I need for my costume?

The elf ears take up a particularly wide range in our assortment. Because the elf costume in its many variations and with special accessories like the right ears brings a lot of dressing up fun! Dive into the world of the magical mythical creatures by becoming a deceptively real nature spirit with the help of the ears.
Which kind you choose is up to you and your creativity. But some information about elves can help you decide. Elves, also called elves or albums, cover a wide range of nature spirits. But they all get their special recognition value by their pointed ears. In appearance and character, elves can be very different, but the pointed elven ears one them, making them instantly recognizable. The ears in particular are therefore an obvious feature of an elf costume. Although they are only a seemingly small accessory, their effect should not be underestimated.
A dainty and light appearance is common to most elves. There are high elves, forest elves, dark elves or flower elves. The different variations made of latex support you to be the elf you want to be. With very long and thin Elf Ears Latex you become a sun elf. An enchanting flower elf in Enchanting Fairy Costume, on the other hand, wears small, delicate and rather discreet elf ears.

What is needed in addition to the elf ears and other latex ears?

With Mastix Hautkleber klein the latex ears can be fastened very easily, the holding result is nevertheless halloweenpartyfest. To get an optimal and deceptively real result, Professional Theatrical Make-up- or Halloween Make Up can be very helpful. You get the possibility to adapt your skin tone to the costume, to conceal transitions and to achieve a convincing result. For a particularly engaging overall appearance, other latex items can also enhance the look. Witch ears look even stronger with a latex Long Witch Nose With Wart and Devil Horns Made Of Latex Small complement the devil ears perfectly.

And when the Halloween party is over?

With good care you can use your latex ears several times. After wearing them, they are carefully removed and cleaned and are then ready for the next time. A special make-up and mastic remover can be of help. So after the Halloween party you have the costume for the next carnival event and can reinvent yourself with it.

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