Wild West Party

With the Indian costume, the cowboy costume or the cowgirl & squaw costume for the Wild West theme party. We have everything from the Indian costume to the toy gun & tomahawk to the cowboy hat & the redskin wig for you.

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Indian costume & cowboy costume for theme parties

Come get out the lasso - we'll play in the Cowboy & Indian costume.... Well? Caused a catchy tune?! Welcome to the Wild West Party! The sexy cowboys in chaps with cowboy hat and lasso are already waiting for their saloon girls in erotic burlesque dress. The beautiful squaw in the skimpy fringe costume dress comes riding to conquer her Winnetou. Throw on your Indian costume & cowboy costume and off you go to the Wild West theme party!

What makes an Indian costume?

An Indian costume, whether for men or women, is usually always designed in natural tones, often with a suede look. The brown, beige squaw costume dresses and Winnetou disguises, however, are always decorated with fringes, colorful feathers and characteristic Indian braids. The main dress up accessories for an Indian costume are toy bow and arrow, an inflatable tomahawk, an Indian hatchet & a spear. As a highlight, a long black braid wig with colorful headband & feather for the squaw costume and for the Indian chief costume the magnificent feather headdress .

What belongs to a real cowboy costume?

A cowboy costume is also usually designed in natural tones, sometimes even black - especially the elegant sheriff. The must have for a cowboy costume is definitely the cowboy hat & cowboy boots - also for cowgirl costumes. Toy guns, pistols in the gun belt and the lasso make your cowboy costume perfect.

Indian costume & cowboy costume for kids

Even at kindergarten age, cowboys & Indians were already one of the most popular costumes for kids at Halloween, Fasching & Karneval. Winnetou, Old Shatterhand and all their names - the heroes of childhood. Oh how nice it was to impress the girl in the squaw costume in the Indian costume with bow & arrow and the tomahawk, splendidly decorated with feathers. But woe betide the Western sheriff in his cowboy cost ume - there was bound to be a street war in the home district.

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