Latex Appliances

Get that perfect Halloween look with latex appliances such as witch noses, elf ears and fake wounds. Check out today!

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Scare them all on Halloween with Latex Appliances

This Halloween dress up as the badass villains and horror stars of all time with our wide range of Latex appliances such as Mythical creatures latex ears, Mythical Creature Latex Application, The Walking Dead Zombie wounds Application, Witch Nose & Chin Set, Bio SFX Pock Marks and Werewolf Reel F / X Set. Gelatin based wounds are especially for people with latex allergy. Be free of worries and use them without hesitation.
We at provide you the best horror make up with easy step-by-step instruction to use it. The Latex Appliances are crafted to fit on most adult faces and are equally applicable to both men and women.
You can dress up as a flesh eating zombie, Dracula, chain-saw killer or as rotting corpse with the easy to use Latex Appliances that we at provide with the instructions to use it regardless of your experience, to produce quality effect and make-up. Whether you are looking for a blood-curdling vampire costume, a creepy clown appliance, a freakishly realistic flesh-eating zombie, or a battled worn warrior — is your one stop shopping store.

Halloween Prosthetic Make-up Effects

You want to be the horrifying character from a movie, then the Halloween Prosthetic Make-up Effects also called the Special Make-up Effect is your way to be so. Use the special-make up to create a strong visual perception that is mind blowing. You want to make a wound really gross and terrifying then the latex appliances- The Walking Dead Zombie wounds Application is the perfect choice.
Even today in the age of CGI and graphics the prosthetic make up is used to give originality, whether it be the latest character of white walker from game of thrones or the devil in the conjuring 2, Halloween Prosthetic Make-up-Effects are used. So you can be free of worries and use our latex appliance to make the best of this Halloween party. Be the best in the Halloween party with the gruesome special make-up effect and Halloween Prosthetic Make-up Effects that turn you into a monster. You can be who you want to be with our wide range of latex appliances. Be it a scary nose or a mask or a wound, you get it all with suitable sizes for all, men and women equally. We do provide gelatin based wounds for people who are allergic to latex. The costumes are also available in different sizes and can be adjusted using bows, ribbons or darts as per convenience.
Foam latex appliances Werewolf Reel F / X Set turns you into a Teufelsmaske Latexapplikation, Chimpanzee Foam Latex Application, a Zombie Clown Foam Latex Mask, a Gorilla Foam Latex Mask. You name it and we turn you into that with our Special Make-up Effect.

Scary effects that gives a nightmare with Halloween Prosthetic and special Make-up Effects

Do you agree, the dark side characters in some books and movies are cooler than the main character, turn yourself into Harley Quinn, the side kick of Joker or be a witch with really long nose and ugly ears. Use the Halloween Prosthetic Make-up-Effect, Special Make-Up Effect and latex appliance. You can apply the latex appliance directly to the skin using Mastic Skin Adhesive 59 Ml, a special spirit gum, and put the final touch with make-up and theatrical blood. The latex appliances are easy to remove after use and can be reused several times.
If you want even more gruesome effects, you can put holes and point blank shots on the face or onto the body and as mentioned earlier 3D Zombie Wounds are replacements for latex wound for people allergic to latex. They give the same appeal as the The Walking Dead Zombie wounds Application and are priced same or a little higher than the latex one.
Halloween Prosthetic Make-up Effects offer a variety of masks that can be worn by men and women of almost all face shapes. They are very comfortable and give a lifelike experience to the viewer and they are available in a range of prices.
The Make-up Effects are very flexible and easy to wear masks that fit in almost all the adult faces. These are glued to the face using Mastic Skin Adhesive 59 Ml, so they allow you to speak easily and make scary noises as you please plus you don’t have to be worried about them falling off. So this Halloween or in horror party wear the scariest costumes and special effect make-up and be the coolest frightening character by shopping at Horror-shop.

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