Joke Bits

Funny joke teeth and weird joke teeth as costume accessories and party gag. Order funny carnival teeth and horror teeth from Billy Bob and Dr. Dent as party teeth now. Huge selection of veneers, canines and fun dentures

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The right joke dentures for the extraordinary look

In everyday life, a well-groomed set of teeth may look very appealing - but when it comes to authentic Halloween styling, the gleaming white teeth can ruin the special impression. Who knows a notorious boxer with a flawless set of teeth or imagines the classic nerd with a brilliant white smile? To give your disguise the perfect finish, joke teeth are perfect.
Depending on the costume you have chosen, there are many different variations to consider. You have to distinguish between the deliberately less well-groomed party teeth and the special teeth of certain creatures that serve as models for your Halloween look.
The first category includes, for example, the classic Gammel teeth joke teeth or the appropriate set of teeth for your costume as a typical car mechanic. The second category includes joke teeth, which are considered a characteristic feature of a certain creature. As a sexy bunny you need without a doubt Sexy Hasenzähnchen, which gives you the appropriate joke teeth. The casual rapper, on the other hand, relies on golden accents in the mouth, while the chewing teeth with pacifier, undoubtedly brings its own visual appeal.

The joke bit as a special highlight or optimal addition

The closest you can get to using party teeth is at the upcoming Halloween party, carnival parade or theme party. If you want to dress up from head to toe, the joke teeth will ideally complete your outfit. If your disguise already leaves a special impression at first glance, you underline this with the joke teeth with every friendly smile.
If, on the other hand, you prefer a more discreet look and go for the surprise effect, you can simply let the joke teeth speak for themselves and use them without any other accessories. A moment ago you were the inconspicuous girl next door - but when you look at your joke teeth you start to have doubts.
If you're still unsure about which costume is right for you at the next party, you can simply browse our range for ideas: Maybe the Crazy Professor's party teeth will inspire you to create a unique costume or you'd like to scare your dentist with the Fat Chewing Teeth with Caries.

Joke teeth with pleasant wearing comfort

So how do the party teeth stay in place and accompany you through the fete in a comfortable way? Joke teeth are often made from acrylic and attached to your own teeth using two-component silicone. Once in place, the dentures are securely attached and you will only notice them again when the other person is surprised by their unusual appearance. Acrylic is generally considered to be harmless and hardly triggers any intolerance reactions.
After use, you can remove the dentures from your teeth with a single grip and reuse them as needed. Many of our party teeth match different disguises and can therefore develop their special charm for several years in a row.

Joke teeth for all occasions

Which costume should it be this year? What will the others come up with and how far should the disguise go for you? Before the big party, many questions need to be answered. With the casual joke teeth you have found a good compromise in several respects: On the one hand, the joke teeth are guaranteed to catch everyone's eye and convince with the special wow effect, on the other hand, they are also well hidden in the mouth if necessary and can only be brought out in the right moments with a joyful smile.
If you are looking for a gruesome accent, you should also have a look at the horror teeth from our assortment. If you like it even more extreme, we recommend Joke teeth Toothless. These party teeth will hardly leave anyone cold and will provide shocking moments.
For the sake of your impressive smile: Take a look around the shop and let yourself be inspired!

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