Horror Masks

Derbe Horror masks known characters from the horror movie area. Order now Get your bloody horror mask and crass monster masks for Halloween. Big collection of horror latex masks from the movie world!

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Horror masks

What is the difference between a horror mask and a Halloween mask?

Horror masks differ from Halloween Masks primarily by their appearance. The horror mask is used in most cases, with very little or completely without humor and instead waits with cruel, sometimes very graphic elements. A Halloween mask, however, can still be very funny despite scary feeling - just think of a classical spirit.

The horror mask does not purport to be funny and falls rather on through their explicit representation of violence and shock effects. By wearing a horror mask the Masked wants besides the actual scaring one thing, namely shock.

What makes a horror mask horror mask?

A horror mask is successful when the sight of the mask triggers in your opposite extreme discomfort, panic or disgust and this can not withstand for long the sight of horror mask without his innermost fears and protective reflexes suggest that alarm.

Graphic Horror Masks

There are several horror masks that trigger the viewer completely different effect. Obvious Horror masks, such as bloody Fulci Zombie Mask , A strewn Glibber Alien mask or a horror mask, showing a ragged face, are all graphic horror masks that usually by disfigured faces, monster faces or abundant blood film for the shock - and ensure Ekeleffekt. Famous Horror Masks from this genre are,. B. Zombie masks, werewolf masks and monster masks like the Frankenstein mask.

Subtle Horror Masks

Subtille so subliminal horror masks, however, are masks that do more or less without the Ekeleffekte aforementioned, but nevertheless trigger instant at the viewer panic. Rigid, emotionless horror masks provide only by their cold and motionless for the true horror. Any personality and emotions are not qualifying the horror mask what the viewer of horror mask takes the opportunity to influence apparently on the mask support. Often, a subtle horror mask the effects much worse than an obvious horror mask of a monster. Many of the successful slasher horror movies rely on deadpan and thus particularly ruthless killers with horror mask. For Genre of subtle horror masks include,. B. the Jason Ice Hockey Mask Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th. "The white, rigid Michael Myers Mask Halloween 2 or the eerie dolls masks from the movie "The Strangers".

Horror Masks, became a fashion icon

Countless horror films live from the part typically drab horror masks, while others have become subtle horror masks for classic horror movie history. some of the most famous movie characters one can not imagine without its corresponding horror mask itself. Many serial killers and mass murderers got through her mask until their terrible identity.

The most famous horror masks of all time

If Halloween is around the corner, it is time for the famous horror masks - and which could lead the ranking list better than the white, rigid Michael Myers mask, together with the Jason Hockey Mask from the movie "Friday the 13th" a whole offset generation of movie fans in fear. Other classic horror masks are the Bleeding Scream Mask (Ghostface) from Wes Craven's "Scream", the Billy-ventriloquist not forgetting horror mask from the torture horror movie "Saw" and of course the Leatherface mask "The new generation" from the movie "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

Horror masks that you can mistakenly ignored

Besides the classics listed above, there are still horror masks that you once connects not primarily with fear and still provide this as a horror masks literally in a subset of people for anxiety. The clown mask is one of the masks, which many people judge a horror mask. Gleichauf dolls masks and masks are called children. Animal Masks bring up the rear among the Horror Masks. You see, even with these profane masks can scare someone tidy! It is always a matter of proper horror mask that must be used at the right time in the right place. Thus it can be almost any mask for absolute horror mask.

Horror Masks make himself

You're entitled to your horror mask also selbermachen. You have to change your mind only purpose of the event and in the place you want to wear this. Materials for a horror mask can fabric, burlap, paper mache or plaster be. With-available in our liquid latex can be, for example, cloth, paper towels and foam brush, which therefore prima can be used as support material for your homemade horror mask.

Now Order your horror mask

With us you find a large collection of all known horror masks made of latex, vinyl and foam latex. The selection of known horror movie characters that are already ready to buy is huge. Here is a small selection of horror masks we have in our program: Chucky horror mask - The killer doll, Hellraiser mask Michael Myers mask, Saw Mask, Leatherface mask Freddy Krueger Latex Mask , Jigsaw mask, Evil Dead Mask, The Walking Dead mask, Captain Spaulding Mask and Dr. Tongue Zombie Mask.

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