Venetian Masks

Our Venetian Masks come in lots of different shapes and colours. Most of them are handmade. A combination of perfect design and artistic sensuousness.

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Authentic Venetian Masks

Have a Fancy Party with Venetian Masks

Carnival in Venice is a world renowned celebration where participants truly lose themselves in their costumes and disguise themselves from the rest of the city. It is the most sensual party of the year, a time when you can become anyone you want to be and the normal laws of society are put on hold to explore glamorous balls. Venetian Marks are an important feature of the Venetian Carnival, some of which have a long and well-known history both in Venice and elsewhere. For your next Carnival, Mardi Gras, Halloween or fancy dress party, check out our wide selection of Venetian Carnival Masks and Venetian Eye Masks. Most of’s Venetian Masks are handmade to a standard of fascinating luxury, allowing you to hide in plain sight at your next party. There are lots of different decorations and styles to choose from, including the famous Plague Doctor and Colombina Venetian Mask styles. All of the fascinating and alluring designs are guaranteed to make you stand out the next time you are in fancy dress and celebrate the party where being you means being someone else! These masks are one size fits all, so no need to search for the correct size. The masks come in a variety of base materials and decorative, so check out our mysterious selection to see which Venetian Carnival Mask suits your new persona the best.

Full Face Venetian Masks

There are many different traditional Venetian Masks, so have fun choosing which character you want to be for this Carnival! Enjoy the artistic expression of a creative and unique Venetian Carnival Mask, so if you really want to disguise yourself from your friends and others at the party, a full Venetian Carnival Mask is the best option. The Red and Gold Venetian Venetian Mask Joker Red/Gold is a type of the traditional ‘Arlecchino’ mask, intended to disguise not just the wearer’s face, but their mysterious intentions as well. The ‘Larva’ is the most iconic Venetian Carnival Mask. Designed to imitate broken glass, the Venetian mask mugger might take you to one of Venice’s famous canals, or perhaps to your next Mardi Gras party! There is no doubt that this alluring and mysterious mask will turn heads and have your friends asking ‘who’s that?’.

Partial Face Venetian Eye Masks

If you prefer to leave your face uncovered, or want to be able to eat and drink without removing your disguise and revealing your true self, we also have a great selection of Venetian Eye Masks. Just as traditional as full face masks, you can find some of these partial face coverings with intricate designs and patterns, including gold details, lace, beads and ribbons, all designed in the traditional style of the Venetian Carnival. The Eye Mask with Feathers and Eye mask with feathers and gemstone is simple, yet elegant and this sophisticated design can turn your ordinary Carnival character into a mysterious one. You might also want to consider the Purple and Gold Venetian Harlequin mask gold / purple Venetian Eye Mask, that is as fun as it is fancy and unforgettable. Or, if you want a more remarkable, stunning and elaborate Venetian Eye Mask, check out the Venetian Venizianische Butterfly Mask black-red. In Venice it is traditional to hold a ‘best mask’ contest, so why not do the same at your next fancy dress party? With this Venetian Eye Mask you will be sure to win the contest and leave your friends speechless. Whether you want an inconspicuous and subtle mask, a complete disguise or an award winning Venetian Carnival Mask, has you covered. You can choose between traditional styles, full face Venetian Masks or partial face Venetian Eye Masks-- it’s up to you! Carnival is the time of year to disguise yourself and be someone else for a day. So do that in style and take a look through our fantastic and diverse range of Venetian Masks to bring the class, style and sensuality of Carnival in Venice to wherever your next costume party will be held.

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