Foam Latex Appliances

Professionally made foam latex masks made of breathable material to apply to the face

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Horror Foam Latex Mask Appliances

Super realistic Halloween, Carnival and horror masks!

Halloween, Carnival and fancy dress masks used to be made of hard and uncomfortable plastics, they didn't look very realistic and were rigid and inflexible. Our Horror Foam Latex Mask Appliances open up completely new possibilities. Luckily today there are more possibilities and a big number of Halloween and horror masks isn't made of rigid plastic anymore but consist of well-fitting breathable foam latex. Horror Foam Latex Mask Appliances are highly flexible, super realistic and comfortable Halloween, Carnival and horror masks.

Halloween and Horror Foam Latex Mask Appliances are extremely flexible and therefore comfortable to wear. On top of that they look extremely realistic. As they are glued to the face using Mastix (spirit gum), the foam latex masks are connected with your face and it is easy to talk, make jokes or act a part. Our Horror Foam Latex Mask Appliances are made of the same material professional mask makers and make-up artists use for theatre and film productions. The Foam Latex Mask Appliances move when your face moves and most of your facial expressions remain visible. Turn into a lifelike horror creature with the professional quality of our foam latex masks and you are guaranteed to be the star of any LARP or Cosplay event!

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