Foam Latex Applications

Professional foam latex masks made of breathable foam to stick on the skin.

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Horror foam latex masks to stick on

Super realistic Halloween, carnival and horror masks!

Halloween, carnival and fancy dress masks used to be made of uncomfortable and hard plastic, usually looked unrealistic and were rigid and immobile. Nowadays, with foam latex masks to stick on, you have other options. A wide selection of Halloween and horror masks that are no longer made of hard moving plastic, but of well molded, breathable foam latex let your character really live. Horror foam latex masks make for movable, realistic and comfortable Halloween, carnival and horror masks.

Halloween and horror foam latex masks for sticking on offer both a comfortable and a flexible hold, are extremely mobile and therefore also look very realistic. By fixing the foam latex masks with mastic / skin glue it is comfortable to talk, joke and act. Our foam latex masks are made of the same material used by professional make-up artists in film and theater and move with your facial expressions. With the professional quality of our foam latex masks, you can easily transform yourself into a convincing horror character to shine in live role play and cosplay.

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