Vampire Fangs

Vampire fangs, Dracula fangs and pointy vampire fangs are ideal for Halloween & Carnival to make your appearance as a bloodsucker authentic. Scarecrow vampire teeth and Halloween teeth by Billy Bob give you your vampire teeth.

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Vampire fangs add the finishing touch to your vampire make-up.

Pointed vampire fangs are one of the classic features of the infamous bloodsuckers from Transylvania. Vampires like Count Dracula or their modern counterparts in True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Twillight all have pointed vampire fangs as canines with which they suck the blood out of their victims' carotid arteries.

Vampire fangs for children

Most vampire fangs are not suitable for children, as they are very easy to swallow as a single piece. The professional vampire fangs are not a toy, but a special make-up accessory for adults. For children, vampire fangs are rather the classic Dracula teeth Economy made of soft plastic, which is equipped with firmly connected upper and lower jaw and thus can not be swallowed.

Vampire teeth for your Halloween make-up

Professional vampire teeth for the theater and film industry are usually made of porcelain or dental acrylic. The realistic looking vampire canines or veneers are hardly distinguishable from real teeth due to their material composition and color. Matched in colour and length to your own jaw, they look absolutely authentic in the mouth. The hold of the vampire teeth is guaranteed by different possibilities. For example, some of the vampire teeth needed for your Halloween make-up are held in place by a two-component mass of silicone, while others are held in place by small wax balls that are heated to create an imprint of your tooth. However, all vampire teeth have one thing in common: they are temporary and can be easily removed.

When not to wear vampire teeth or vampire canines

Vampire teeth and vampire canines are generally not suitable for children because of the risk of swallowing. Further, vampire teeth should not be used when wearing crowns, implants or braces. By using the attachment method that comes with the artificial vampire teeth, they can become irretrievably attached to the artificial dentures or braces. A dentist is then required to remove the vampire canines, which can be costly. Therefore, please be sure to place artificial vampire teeth, scarecrow teeth and vampire canines only on real teeth and not dentures.

Scarecrow vampire teeth with US patent

The fantastic looking Scarecrow Lady Fangs Vampire Fangs are some of the best vampire fangs you can buy in Hollywood. Scarecrow vampire fangs find their use in the film industry and are among the best makeup artists can use as a special makeup effect on TV and movie series such as True Blood, Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. Scarecrow Vampire Fangs and Vampire Fangs hold a US patent and are now affordable for amateur makeup artists and your Halloween makeup.

Create your vampire make-up with vampire fangs

Your vampire make-up for Halloween, carnival and fancy dress only needs a pale make-up as foundation and dark eye shadow or blush for shading. If you're a vampire girl, it's best to wear blood red For The Lips, while if you're Count Dracula, you can also wear some For The Lips. With some red blood gel you can decorate the corners of your mouth or neck with blood, which can show a fresh vampire bite.

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