Zombie masks

Zombie masks for Halloween & Zombie Walk are a must for all horror fans - Order your bloody Zombie Mask and Mask you as undead. Zombie masks are among the most popular Halloween masks ever! Buy Top Zombie masks!

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Zombie masks

Mask now as gruesome zombie

Not since the huge success of "The Walking Dead" zombies are on everyone's lips. Since the early 80s as Luici Fulci and Dario Argento from Italy lost advise the first zombie wave are zombies from the horror movie genre indispensable. Even then there were the first zombie masks, which enjoyed just for Halloween and horror events popular. So it is no wonder that there are still a Fulci Zombie Mask, which originated in the movie "Woodoo - The horrors Porno Holocaust" has.

Zombie masks for horror movie fans

The number of zombie masks are inspired by great zombie characters is now fantastic. Whether you choose the zombie BUB mask from previous years, the Fulci Zombie Mask want with worm in the eye, call your own or you from today's cinema landscape the zombie masks World War Z Scream Zombie Mask Dlx or Zombie Walker mask want save as a collectible, we have it all! With one of the most loving, most hand-painted masks Zombie you have the perfect Horror Masks for Halloween and Zombie Walk.
That being said, there are still a mad selection of cool zombie masks have created the artist from around the world. We have compiled the best horror and Halloween masks from the zombie sector for you and are sure that you order takes us a cool mask for the Zombie Walk and Zombie Theme Party.

Zombie makeup Vs Zombie Mask

Basically, you can the two things difficult to compare. On Zombie Makeup may, if it is painted professionally a crazed effect represent! You can makeup a zombie communicate much more easily, eat, represent a facial expression and you sweat not nearly as. A zombie mask has the advantage that it is much more reasonable than any makeup utensils you need for a zombie makeup. One is with a Zombie Mask of course much faster than ready Undead than if you have to pay to sit forever the artist. see many collectors in the zombie masks also a decoration value to collectors and not translated to the zombie masks, but put them together with Zombie Decoration & Props out as an eye catcher in the apartment or event location.

A zombie mask does not make alone Zombie!

That's true, but matching the Viking & Warrior . Steampunk . Stage Blood and various Toy Weapons can be quickly put a zombie apocalypse in scene. If you have old clothes, you can create also your zombie outfit itself. These are the old, no longer to use end garments, intentionally modified further "shabby & rots". This is relatively simple and requires only a little time and imagination. Space out the clothes but with a wire brush, tea, coffee and old scissors to physical and tear while holes, cracks and frayed hems. With a little care, you can also bring fire stains on the clothes, in which you are working with a Bunsen burner or hot-air hair dryer from the hardware store. This should, however, be only by experienced people and then tried in the open! Important! create burn marks is only cotton clothes because fabric made of synthetic fibers such as polyester would melt instantly. Now the trimmed on Old clothes still with Bottle of Blood Fake Blood let einsauen, dry and you've tinkered your own zombie costume.
Equipped with a creepy Zombie mask you're the terror of all survivors and can this hunt relentlessly in search of brains and offal. Halloween and Zombie Walk can therefore come!

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