For the nails

Coloured nail polish as gloss, Glitter & Metallic Paint for your Beauty and Horror Make Up.

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Nail polish & polish remover

Coloured nail polish as part of decorative cosmetics for almost every beauty and carnival makeup the idea, but is also used in Horror and Halloween Special makeup effects repeatedly his commitment.
The nail polish is in Carnival rather than Beauty Make Up Accessories for finger and toenails alike and embellished them with color pigments, glitter, gloss and UV effect.In special makeup area nail polish is used to fingernails scruffy, to make it appear huge or brittle.Black nails are popular with Gothic-fans and in the heavy metal scene, while football fans have often times carry the club and national colors as nail varnish color.

Apply nail polish made simple

Remove all remnants of your old nail polish color and wash your hands after that so that no remnants of nail polish remover more are available with a nail polish remover first.Now Put your fingernails into the desired shape and length, is ensured that you have not cut this or filing after painting.It would be a shame if your freshly painted nails would be thereby damaged again.

Step 1: Base Coat & Base Coat
Wearing now called your base coat, and a base coat on.This ensures a better grip of the color pigments and prevents bleeding into the color in your natural nail.The Base Coat blocked so ugly discoloration and is especially important if the desired color after extremely different from your natural nail color.Dip the brush of the base coat now and stripe it slightly on the bottle neck into your bottle.Now Set on the nail polish brush in the middle of your fingernail and pull the first train from near the cuticle of fingernail tip.Now even prime the two edges, taking care not to get any streaks or drops.allow to dry about 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 2: Colored nail polish
Shake now the vial of colored nail polish well, so that all the color pigments mix well and then put the nail polish on the same principle of the base coat on.

Step 3: Top Coat & Top Coat
As final nail polish layer, you can still a top coat or top coat, apply yourself, which protects your otherwise quite sensitive, colored nail polish layer and adds extra shine.Top Coat Nail Polish is available in many variations and often include such great features such as glitter, pearl or high-gloss effects, as an extra decorative element.

nail polish remover

Nail polish remover is available as a liquid, cream or an impregnated cotton pad.Nail polish remover is available in various forms and with various ingredients.The biggest difference besides the nourishing ingredients is that the solvent contained therein.Some nail polish remover containing, inter alia, the solvent acetone, others come without this out.Acetone-free nail polish remover are currently more popular and better the result.,
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