Funko POP

Funko POP

Funko POP! figures - the cult figures with the cuddly button eyes are indispensable. Browse our huge selection of Funko POP! figures, keychains & 5 Star and find your favourite Funko figure!

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What are Funko POP! figures

The first Funko bobblehead vinyl figures were made in the USA in 1998 by toy collector Mike Becker. In 2005, the Funko POP! concept was sold to Brian Mariotti, who significantly expanded the licensing business. Then in 2011, the first Funko POP! figures in Chibi Anime style were released, creating thousands of collectible figures. Today, what makes Funko Pop! Figures is that they embody characters from series like Game of Thrones, film series like Harry Potter, games like Halo or Disney animated series like Maleficent. But what can Funko POP! figures actually do? The cute licensed figures can partly bob their heads, hang from the key, look pretty on the shelf & you have your heroes to touch and play with.

Which Funko POP! figures are there?

In the meantime there are clearly more than 8,000 Funko Pops. We, the, have specialized in Halloween, Horror & Superhero figures. But in our assortment we also have many Harry Potter Funko POP! figures like Voldemort and Hermione, Game characters from Halo & Fortnite. Also Disney collectible figures like Maleficent, Sea Witch Ursula from Little Mermaid & classics from Star Wars may not be missing from the large Funko POP! selection. Meanwhile, there is also a huge selection of Funko POP! keychains, mugs and plush figures.

Why are Funko Pops so popular

Halloween & horror lovers like to decorate their homes with scary figures all year round and there are also many collectors among them. Funko POP! figures such as The Nun, Annabelle, Michael Myers, Chucky and Freddy are an ideal gift idea for horror fans as well as a brilliant Halloween decoration. The Funkos from Marvel, DC, HBO & Warner Bros. Pictures are especially popular with superheroes and action fans to collect.

Horror figures and superheroes to collect & play with

The cute vinyl figures embody horror classics like Jack Skellington with Sally, IT Pennywise and Jason Voorhees in such a cute way that you can't have enough of them. You also want ALL of the Funko POP! figures of superheroes like Batman, Harley Quinn, Joker and Superman on your collector's shelf.

What are my Funko POP! figures worth?

There are Funko POP! figures that are worth thousands of dollars. Among others the so-called Chase figures, derived from the English Chase "chase". Funko simply ships the Chase POP! figures to retailers at the same price, along with the other characters, and you may just happen to get a very special version. Chase figures can be just a different color, bloody, have different accessories, or be black and white, for example. Some are metallic, others even glow at night. Now we wish you a successful hunt for a Chase Funko POP! figure and a lot of fun collecting and loving.

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