Cups & Tableware

Favourite mugs & tableware are great gifts to make a rock band, series, movie & Halloween fan happy. Mega selection of motif mugs & gothic tableware as merch & fan articles. Here you will find cool mugs & tableware with cool motifs.

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Halloween Cups & Gothic Tableware

From high quality Halloween mugs, to classy Gothic tableware, to medieval goblets and mugs, everyone gets their money's worth here. Motif mugs like the Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Horror M ug and the Nightmare Before Christmas Mug are a great table decoration for your Halloween party on October 31st. In our huge assortment of Halloween mugs & gothic tableware, you'll also find the right gift item for EVERYONE - whether you're a Halloween, horror, gamer, witch, serial, rock band, medieval or Disney fan.

Do you have a favorite horror mug?

The day starts much better with a coffee from your favourite mug. Your drink is sure to get special superpowers from Captain America & your potion will become a magical brew in a witch's cauldron. You probably already own Halloween mugs & gothic tableware - but we're sure to have a new favorite mug for you! Do you like creepy skulls? Are you a fan of horror movies? Or do you belong to the new religious movement of the Wiccans? Browse through our wide selection and treat yourself to a new witch style coffee & tea mug like the Witches Brew mug with spoon, the Gothic Killstar Hell-O-Ween mug or a classic like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre mug.

Gothic Tableware and Halloween Mugs as Alternative Gift Items

If you're looking to gift a merchandise collector, a horror fan, a gamer, or a comic book fan, you've come to the right place HERE. We are sure to have the right Halloween mugs & gothic tableware for you. We also have special gift ideas for medieval and knight fans like the crusader crest mug and wine goblets. You can also impress comic superhero fans with our favorite mugs.

Gothic tableware & Halloween cups as home decoration

Unusual gothic tableware like the Witches Brew tea set and our magical Wicca cat salt & pepper shaker set make an absolutely great figure next to Halloween cups. In our online shop you can also find Gothic cookie jars, storage containers & serving bowls to decorate your decadent crypt home with. For Halloween night we have cool shot glasses as witch cauldrons and skulls for you - your party guests will be impressed.

Merch & fan articles as motive cups and tableware

Many collect rock band, series & comic heroes merchandise - but is it enough for the dining table? Our Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Plate Set, Slipknot Goblet with Goat Head, Harley Quinn Mad Love Jar and Game of Thrones House Stark Cereal Bowl will make your tableware stand out. Whether you're looking for a collectible for yourself or an alternative gift for a friend, you're sure to find what you're looking for with our Halloween Mugs & Gothic Tableware!

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