Jason Mask New Blood

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Jason Mask New Blood

Licensed horror mask from Friday the 13thwith removable Hockey Mask

Jason Voorhees, from the well-horror movie series "Friday the 13th", is probably one of the most famous serial killer in US cinema history! The slasher series with the Jason mask in the form of a hockey mask broke worldwide box office records and made the inventor Sean S.Cunningham one of the most famous horror movie directors.Jason, who was often teased as a child because of her disability came, supposedly in a swimming accident at Camp Crystal Lake killed, while his mother, who works there as a kitchen, overseeing other teenagers about lies.After the supposed death of Jason, the mother retaliated cruel to the teenager and brought them to an imaginative way.After a long series of murders, always masked with the Jason mask, the mother a teenager fell victim himself, who headed home.What no one knew until then, Jason was alive and since swimming accident he lived in a hut near the camp and watched as his mother was murdered.Thus was the foundation for a, for that time, bloody orgy of violence, placed in the history of cinema.The merciless serial killer with the hockey mask has been one of the favorites of all horror fans and is a cult among the Halloween characters.

The original licensed Jason mask from the seventh part of Friday the 13th"New Blood" shows here most impressive, the true appearance of Jason Voorhees! The Jason mask is made of latex and even a hockey mask has additionally doing that can be removed.The ingenious horror latex mask is an absolute collector's item! To complete the Jason Mask New Blood, the best Jason Machete Deluxe and the original Jason Gloves Latex ordered with it!

1 x Jason mask "New Blood"
  • Original Licensed Product
  • Jason Voor Hess mask
  • Mask of the seventh part of the film series "Friday the 13th"
  • Full head latex mask
  • removable Hockey Mask from deep-drawn plastic
  • Material: latex and plastic