Contacts Jeepers Creepers

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Contacts Jeppers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers contact lenses for Horror Fans

With the high quality Jeepers Creepers contact lenses, you can give a unique special appearance every sinister and vicious fantasy character.The colored contact lenses Jeepers Creepers in the color green-yellow and black give you a dramatic look like from a horror movie.The Jeepers Creepers contact lenses are easy to use, comfortable to wear and give each masking a certain something.

For the care and preservation of Jeepers Creepers contact lenses you need a Contact lenses liquid t and a storage container to keep your lenses soft and damage - so interesting products preferably upon us!

- Content: 2 Jeepers Creepers Contacts
- High-quality, soft Jeepers Creepers contact lenses without prescription
- Up to 12 months, with appropriate care
- Are suitable for light and dark eyes and have a good opacity
- Not recommended in traffic

Please note the following warnings:

  • If you are not wearing contact lenses, then please seek advice from an optometrist or ophthalmologist.The first use of contact lenses should be monitored by a specialist (ophthalmologist or optometrist).
  • Wear the Jeepers Creepers contact lenses not to long periods of time.Wear crazy lenses also only a few hours a day and not every day.
  • The mishandling of contact lenses can cause damage to your eyes, so you should be familiar with the handling and care of contact lenses.
  • We recommend that you seek advice from an ophthalmologist or optometrist if you intend to order contact lenses.Ophthalmologist or optometrist will give you instructions regarding material curvature and water content.
  • As contact lenses, you should have your eyes regularly checked at least every six months by an eye care professional.
  • Failure to comply with the precautions you risk permanent damage to your eyes and eyesight.
  • We recommend a maximum wearing period of 8 hours.Every day.
  • Not suitable for children under 16 years.

Technical specifications:
- Type: soft contact lens
- Material: poly Hema
- Curve (BC):. 860 mm
- Diameter (DIA): 14th0 mm
- Strength: without diopter
- Water content: 45%