Fire Eye Contact Lenses

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Delivery until 05.08. possible**
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Fire Eye Contact Lenses

Black and red motif lenses for a fiery entrance at this year's Halloween party

If you intend to be devilishly good-looking this Halloween, the Fire Eye Contact Lenses will be the costume accessory of your choice.  These unique motif lenses will make your eyes look extra scary and you are guaranteed to be the centre of attention of any horror party.

Turn yourself into a creature from hell with these Fire Eye Contact Lenses. The red and black contact lenses are very comfortable to wear. The coloured contact lenses can be used up to 3 months when stored and handled correctly. You will receive contact lenses with a use-by date of several years. Due to their high opacity the lenses are suitable for light and dark eyes. The high-quality lenses are comfortable to wear. The designs are sealed into the lenses by using multiple layers in a sandwich process. This production process prevents individual pigment particles from flaking and getting into your eye. These contact lenses are NOT suitable for the roads! Best add our Contact Lense Solution 50 ml to your order.

Additional information (Fire Eye Contact Lenses):

  • Contents: 2 pcs coloured contact lenses supplied in vials
  • Type: soft contact lenses
  • Material: 58% Poly-HEMA, 42% water
  • Base Curve (BC): 8.60 mm
  • Diameter (DIA): 14.5 mm
  • Sight correction power: no diopters (plano)
  • Useable up to 3 months, if stored and handled correctly

Care instructions for your contact lenses
You have acquired a quality product fabricated according to International Standards.
To make sure you handle and wear your contact lenses in a safe way and to assure optimum vision we recommend you take a few moments to thoroughly read the following warnings and instructions and adhere to them at all times.
Please keep  these instructions so you will be able to look them up at a later time in case of any questions.
If it is the first time you wear contact lenses you should gradually increase the wearing time. Do not wear the contact lenses for more than 4 hours on the first day and extend the wearing time by two hours daily. Longer than 8 hours straight, the lenses should never be worn.
The lenses are furthermore not suitable for children under the age of 18.

Instructions for use
Only touch the contact lenses with clean, dry hands.
When first opening the original packaging, make sure the lenses are intact and completely covered with liquid.
Do not use the contact lenses if they are damaged or dried up.
The contact lenses can be used as often as required for a three month period, starting from when the seals are broken on the containers. After that time the lenses should be disposed of.
The lenses are neccessary for first use to take from the original packaging and lay out for at least 4 hours in fresh contact lens solution.
Only then the contact lens can be used according to instructions.
Please pay attention to the following care instructions.

Inserting the lens in your eye
1. Take the lens from the packaging
2. Put the lens on the tip of your index finger. Be sure the lens is right-side-out (the edges should turn up and not out).
3. Pull the top lid up with the index and middle finger of your left hand while pulling down your lower eyelid with the middle finger of your right hand.
4. Gently place the lens onto your eye.
5. Repeat steps 1.–4. for the other lens.

Removing the lens from your eye
Look up and pull the lower lid down. Squeeze the lens slightly between your thumb and one finger and remove gently.

Cleaning and desinfection
Always follow the instructions given on the bottle containing the contact lense solution.
In case your contact lenses dry up they become highly damageable and have to be handled with the utmost caution.
In that case put the contact lenses in fresh contact lense solution for minimum 4 hours.
Then clean and desinfect the lenses afresh and check thoroughly for possible damages.
If you have second thoughts concerning the intactness of the lenses, please consult your optician or eye care practitioner before inserting the lenses again.
Please note: we recommend consulting an optician or eye care practitioner, who will be happy to show you how to insert and remove your contact lenses and how to look after them correctly

Precautionary measures

Do always remember that the health of your eyes is crucial for your vision. Do not put the health of your eyes on the line by being neglectful or vain and always adhere to the following warnings and instructions for wearing.
1. We recommend to exchange the lenses monthly and clean them daily.
2. In case of any questions regarding the correct handling of contact lenses, do not hesitate to consult your optician or eye care practitioner.
3. Never reuse contact lense solution that has been used before.
4. Follow the instructions on the bottle of contact lense solution regarding storage and handling.
5. If your eyes hurt, redden or burn, if your eyes tear or your vision is disturbed by colour reflexes or colour patches, remove the contact lenses from your eyes and consult an optician.
6. Remove the lenses before going to sleep or before lying down for a longer stretch of time.
7. Long finger nails might damage your lenses so best keep them cut short.
8. Do not wear the lenses if you are undergoing any kind of eye treatment and consult your eye care practitioner before wearing them.
9. Do not use saliva to wet or clean your lenses.
10. Do not wear the contact lenses when using eye drops or eye drugs.
11. Never wear lenses that are damaged or scratched or lenses that have stains that can not be removed.
12. Apply your eye makeup after inserting the lenses and remove it after removing the lenses. Try to use fibre-free products, water-based eye makeup and oil-free cosmetics.
13. Do not use strong household detergents while wearing the lenses.
14. Never use household products (such as disinfectants) or tap water to clean your lenses and never store them in household containers or jars. You can severly damage your eyes by doing so.
15. Do not wear the contact lenses in smoky or humid environments.
16. Keep the contat lense containers clean.
17. Do not go swimming with your contact lenses unless you wear watertight swimming goggles.
18. Keep the lenses out of the reach of children.
19. Do not get the lenses in contact with hairspray or other cosmetic sprays.
20. Do not wear the lenses when exposed to poisonous or acrid fumes.
21. Do not share your contact lenses.
22. It is prohibited to wear the motif lenses while driving a vehicle.