Sour gawkers 4 pack

Item #: 25869

Sour gawkers 4 pack

Four glibbrige monster eyes filling with sour

Sour gawkers from sweet marshmallow mass, acidic slime and jelly.The dangerous to himself staring acidic gawkers taste delicious and are a hit at any Halloween party.The acidic Monster Eyes are particularly well suited as a plate decoration, as raffle item or as a reward for little ghosts, vampires and witches when they knock on Halloween with the saying "Trick or Treat" at the door.

The acidic gawkers are ideal as a creepy candy for Halloween & Birthday Parties.The terrible eyeballs are individually wrapped - on the packaging red veins are recorded.The slimy monster eyes are different colors and each ca.3.5 cm tall.The acidic filling the dangerous looking peepers is red as blood - deceptively real and really disgusting - fit creepy Halloween party! Even more "trick or treating" as Skewered Witch Eye Blue and Eyeball gum 10 items you'll find in our shop!

  • Delivery: 1x acid gawkers 4 pack
  • Content: 4x eyeball Fruchtgummi
  • Color: Colorful
  • Size: approx. 3,5 cm
  • Ingredients: Glucose syrup; Sugar; dextrose; Gelatin; Citric acid; flavors; Gelling agent: agar-agar; Dye: cochineal, curcumin, Brilliant Blue FCF, biochar; Palm kernel oil; Glazing agent: carnauba wax
  • Nutrition information per 100 g: Energy 1362kJ / 320kcal; Fat <0.2g; which saturates <0.2g; Carbohydrates 74g; of which sugars 54g; Protein 4.3 g; Salz <0.2g
Country of origin: Germany, Manufacturer: Trolli GmbH, Oststraße 94, D-90769 Fürth.