Polar Bear Fairy Lights 4 m

Item #: 8800754

Polar Bear Fairy Lights 4 m

A lovely change from the usual fairy light designs!

It isn't winter without polar bears and snowmen! The huge white bears love the cold season and enjoy playing around in the snow! Polar bears also make a lovely decoration. You can find polar bear figurines, snow globes and fairy lights!

The bears of our Polar Bear Fairy Lights all wear a blue scarf around the neck and have different coloured fur coats. The sitting polar bear is snow white while the standing one is slightly more yellowish. The 4 m long cable features a polar bear couple (one sitting and one standing) every 45 cm. The length of the lead wire from the plug to the first polar bear lights is approx. 1,60 m. When you plug the fairy lights in, the polar bears glow in a warm orangey colour.
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Additional information on the Polar Bear Fairy Lights 4 m:

  •  Total length: 4 m, length of lead wire between plug and 1. polar bear couple: approx. 1,60 m, distance between polar bear couples: 45 cm
  • 1 standing and 1 sitting polar bear attached
  • For indoor use only
  • Includes: fairy lights plus 2 spare bulbs