Glitter Deer Brown

Item #: 8800923

Glitter Deer Brown

This noble stag will add the finishing touch to your wintery Christmas decoration!

Deer are said to be gentle and elegant. Impressive antlers are the the trademark of male deer. Males present their antlers to display their strength and fertility. Males with the largest antlers are more likely to obtain mates and achieve the highest fertilization success. In winter, when the ground is covered with snow, the noble posture of these animals is even more striking. This is why stags are a popular wintertime decoration. Our Glitter Deer Brown is a trendy wintertime and Christmas decoration that will add a touch of charming elegance to your home. 

The Glitter Deer Brown is made of flocked plastic. It is approx. 26 cm high and 20 cm long.The broen fur coat of the beautiful animal is covered with glitter which makes it look soft and velvety. The gentle look and the impressive antlers make the glittering stag an absolutely beautiful decoration. Match the deer with our glistening Bambi and create unique winter wonderland decorations!

Additional information:

  • Material: flocked plastic
  • Size: approx. 26 cm high, approx. 20 cm long
  • Elegant standing prop