Jason Voorhees Action Figure 18 cm

Item #: 15257

Jason Voorhees Action Figure 18 cm

A limited original Friday the 13th Sammlerfigur of Mezco

The well-known company Mezco has brought into your Cinema series of Fears a classic in a new design on the market and can therefore make every collector's heart beat faster! The Jason Voorhees Action Figure is 18cm tall, modeled according to the original in every detail and is equipped with three murderous tools: Machete, ice pick and a double-edged ax.The well-known serial killer from the hit movie series Friday the 13th has of course its Hockymaske, an old blue worn Parker, his famous machete, an ax and a pickaxe.

The limited action figure from Mezco Toys of the 2009 series can be used in different positions turn and is only waiting to be issued by you as a collector's item.Our Store For Fans Jason also offers the Jason Hockey Mask and a Jason Machete Economy ,