Knife in the Back

Item #: 19605

Knife in the Back

This Knife in the Back looks nearly authentic!

Looks like you came home drunk one time to many....this time your old lady threw a knife at you. Or did you become the victim of a myopic knife thrower. Or are you into cutting yourself? No matter which unbelievable story you make up, with this cool fake knife in your back you are guaranteed to attarct a lot of attention!

The Knife in the Back is made of painted foam rubber. It is attached to a skin-coloured, elastic strap. Put the strap on and move the knife in right position. Take a t-shirt and cut a hole into the place where you want the knife to stick out. Put on the shirt and pull the knife through the hole. With some Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml on the shirt and knife your horror look you can add the finishingtouch to your horror outfit!

Includes: strap-on knife,the  t-shirt and fake blood are not included
  • Material: straps made of polyester, knife made of foam rubber
  • Measurements: knife approx. 20,5 cm long
  • Size: one size adult