Gunshot Wounds Latex

Item #: 19164

Gunshot Wounds Latex

Latex gunshot wound appliances for special makeup effects!

When Edward applied for a job at the shooting gallery, he didn't know what gruesome duties the job involved. His boss howed him around and told him to wait close to the target. Edward wasn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer and did how he was  told, the next moment he realised that HE was to be the target. With our stick-on Gunshot Wounds you will look like you were a target at the shooting gallery, too!

The Gunshot Wounds Latex include five bullet hole wound appliances. The fake gunshots can be applied to any part of your skin by using a spirit gum like our Mastix spirit gum small . A bit of fake blood such as our great Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml will add a highly realistic and gruesome touch to these latex appliances. Clean them with warm water and soap and reuse them for the next horror event.

  • Includes: 1 set containing 5 latex gunshot wounds, spirit gum and theatrical blood are not included!
  • Material: 100 % latex