Severed Zombie Arm

Item #: 19968

Severed Zombie Arm

Somebody lost their forearm....

Zombie flesh is rather rotten by nature, so it can easily happen for an undead to lose one of his limbs. After all the most important thing a walking dead needs are strong jaws to chew up human flesh.

The Severed Zombie Arm is the perfect decoration for your next Halloween or horror party! Let is stick out of a grave in your garden or put it in your bath tub and pep up the scene with our Bottle of Blood Fake Blood . The zombie hand is full of dirt, it has lacerated fingernails and three different sized wounds on the back of the hand hand. The arm is kept together by the tattered green shirt sleeve.


  • Material: polyester, plastic
  • Colour: shirt sleeve: green, hand: dirty skin coloured
  • Dimensions: length: approx. 60 cm, width approx. 11 cm