Chopped Off Woman's Fingers

Item #: 15111

Chopped off woman's fingers

10 separated lady fingers with neat French Nails

The last visit of the victim in the nail studio was not completely in vain! 10 freshly cut fingers with freshly manicured nails! The absolutely real looking, bluish coloured Lady Fingers are the absolute nightmare of every nail studio owner and her elite clientele! This ultra-skin horror decoration looks particularly good in the bathroom, in a vanity case, in the fridge, on the kitchen board or on the dressing table.

The 10 Lady Fingers come freshly packed like the Metzger in polystyrene and can be removed individually. Combined with ours Bloodbath tablecloth and those Horror French Fries this results in a perfect Halloween decoration!

delivery: 1 x Chopped off female fingers
  • Contents: 10 pieces
  • Colour: Skincolour/Bloody
  • Material: latex and acrylic
  • Decoration, not edible!