Skinned arm left

Bloody looking Arm Vinyl Special FX horror decorations

Skinned arm left by the realistic appearance, the blood leaves a curdling.Artificial body parts like the skinned left arm are not only since the exhibition Body Worlds of crazy Dr.Hagen to any Halloween party.

The skinned arm and other parts of the body such as the latex Severed Head with torture eyes and the Head shot skull / Mind Blow are widely used as a movie prop and stage scenery.The life-size, skinned left arm is very well designed to the last detail and hand painted.Especially good to see are at the separated arm of vinyl white muscle fibers bluish veins and thick veins.The bloody, skinned arm is perfect for a backdrop of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and torture Horror Movie SAW.The realistic-looking skinned arm is a must for rough and scary Halloween party or haunted houses!

1 x skinned arm links

  • Color: Bloody Red
  • Size: approx. 55cm x 10 cm
  • Material: vinyl