Neon pink Make Up

Item #: 20633

Neon pink Make Up

Great color in the face with neon makeup in pink

Instead ago blush you can now pink in the face are the neon makeup pink.The garish makeup allows you to display the correct makeup unusual face that you need for the next Halloween party.

The Neon pink makeup can be easily applied.Using your fingers, the desired amount of makeup can be applied and spread on the face up.The more ink is used, the more intense will be the end result.The neon pink makeup can be easily removed with mild soap and warm water from her face again.The make-up is not required can be kept secure in the tube.Even more glaring colors like Neon Makeup Yellow and great costumes like Rocking Skull Costume ML can be found here.

  • Delivery: 1 Tube Neon Make Up
  • Color: pink
  • Content: 28 g