Nailers Zombie Skull

Item #: 16677

Nailers Zombie Skull

Derbe ghost train decoration for your Halloween Party

Not everyone has the talent to work as a handyman and so it has caught our zombie skull with the nail gun !.Ingenious Halloween Decoration Prop professional ghost train quality.The nail guns zombie skull shows a mummified undead which various nails from the nail gun and staples wearing the face.The remaining eye of zombies staring into space while the untalented Zombie has tacked a ferocious smile.

The life-size zombie skull is great for making Halloween & Haunted figures.Simply put the rotting zombie head on a stuffed with filler jacket or use it an old mannequin and you have an impressive Halloween figure of a spooky haunted house atmosphere.would more than Halloween Skull Horror Decoration Melting Manfred Head or Exorcism Jenny Head from our assortment.

1 x nail guns Zombie Skull

  • Color: Brown / Green / Red
  • Size: approximately35 cm x 24 cm x 22 cm
  • Material: PU Foam, polyurethane, latex,