Glitter Make Up Iridescent

Item #: 17327

Glitter Make Up Iridescent

Glitter Liner as Carnival Make Up

With Glitter Make Up Iridescent you lend your makeup a delicate, fairy shimmer.By sparkling particles you give any make-up for Halloween, Carnival, New Year's Eve, a party and disco for a little shine.The glitter eyeshadow is great for a myriad of different opportunities.

The Glitter Make Up is easy to use by the gel-like consistency and dosage, keeps after drying and can be very simple with soap and water to wash off.More gloss effects as the Glitterpuder Gold In The Spreader and Glitter make-up sticks 5 colors with Spitzer from our extensive range you will find in the shop.

  • Contents of the tube: 14 ml