Smiles Zombie Clown Mask

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Smiles Zombie Clown Mask

The Smiles Zombie Clown Mask is one of the roughest clown masks that you can find with us.

If you will encounter smilies you quickly realize that not every clown is a funny jester is.The gloomy Harlequin from the freak show comes of out at night in search of souls to collect them in his dark, rotten heart and guide them with a devilish laugh in hell.This gloomy Halloween mask spoils every child the joy of the circus!

The clown mask shows the decaying face of diabolical clowns, lacking the mandible.The incredibly long tongue of latex mask reaches down to the neck.The pale, dead eyes and colorful tufts of hair on the sides and at the crown make this horror mask a highlight.The Horror Clown is designed as a full-head mask.Even more evil jester from hell, check out Clown Makaber Mask! or Zak Zombie Clown Mask ,

Material: latex, 100% synthetic hair