Maxi white chef hat

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Maxi white chef hat

Become the chef's hat in chef style to TV chef

With the Maxi Kochmütze know you turn into a chef à la Muppet Show or you become the casual chef from South Park.The characteristic cooking headgear in Maxi format is a fun and fast to implement idea to costume for Carnival and Carnival.If you are using the white chef hat Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml besudelst you become the chef of Horrors.

The Maxi chef's hat is made of white fabric, padded for more stability with foam and of suitable size more suitable for adults.Other original costume hats such as the Roman Centurion Helmet . Smurfy Wichtelmann cap white and many more you can find in the range from horror

1 x Maxi Chef's Hat

  • Color white
  • Material: 50% Polyester 50% foam