Tombstone with Bat and LEDs

Item #: 19633

Tombstone with Bat and LEDs

Turn your back garden into a graveyard!

Tombstones create a spooky and gloomy atmosphere - after all there is a body lying under any headstone. And this is why we normally don't like hanigng around cemeteries. We visit them only to loook after the graves of our dead relatives.

On Halloween you can turn your garden into a graveyard and create the perfect ambiance for your Halloween party. When people arrive at  your party, they first have to make their way across your garden which is full of spooky graves. The Tombstone with Bat and LEDs is approx. 56 cm high and 34 cm wide.  It features an evil bat or winged Reaper on top and a spiderweb underneath it.  The letters R. I. P., "Rest in Peace",  and the year of birth and death of the deceased are at the centre of the tombstone. The eyes of the bat are LEDs which light up red when the on/off switch at the back of the headstone is turned on. If you need more gravestones for the cemetery in your garden, check out the LED grave stone RIP and the Grave stone cross Skull & RIP!

Informations on the Tombstone with Bat and LEDs:

  • Tombstone with red LEDs (the included batteries are for testing purposes only!)
  • Material: polyfoam
  • Size: height approx. 56 cm, width approx. 34 cm
  • Writing: R.I.P.  1601-1672