Lifesize Zombie Hanging Figure

Item #: 16633

Lifesize Zombie Hanging Figure

Halloween is for bloodthirsty zombies, the perfect opportunity to celebrate properly!

Since the mega hit movie Dawn of the Dead Undead and zombies are the hallmarks of the horror film scene.Many Halloween parties and Carnival balls have zombies and ghosts as a motto.Zombie masks and Halloween Costumes for both sexes as well as professional makeup effects there to be sufficient.

The life-size zombie hanging prop is ideally suited to the ceiling to hang and to decorate the dissecting table of a mortuary.A notable example of the horror effect is when the eyes flash dangerously red.The ingenious hanging figure of brain baggy of living large Zombies has a skull and hands made of plastic, a white shirt and gray pants and all shredded bloody.The luminous eyes need 3 AA batteries which are not included.

Size about.152 cm