Crazy Eddy Deco Prop

Item #: 15619

Craze Eddy Deco Props

The Crazy Eddy Deco Prop is paragon of a hill-billy. The full-sized horror prop is wearing overalls and an old check shirt. But both of them a soaked with blood from the former victim of the Backwood Killer. Only the apron of human skin offered protection to the Halloween Deco figure. The Face of the Puppet isn't very trustworthy as you can only see a blind eye, a normal eye and his bunnyteeth behind the bloodsoaked mask. The ghost train deco always carries his murder weapon: a butcher axe. This extrodinary halloween requisite is whole 185cm tall. He prefers the presence of Knopfaugen Betsy Dekofigur and Porcelain Paula Deco Prop!

Material: Foam, Latex, artificial hair, clothes: 100% Polyester

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