Teddy Scares Sheldon Grogg 30cm

Item #: 13052

Teddy Scares Sheldon Grogg 30cm

Teddy Sheldon Grogg is looking for you! Yes you, because he is looking for a friend pulling him through the darkness.

As a child, you have been Teddy Scares Eli Wretch 30cm here to love you and protect you from the darkness of night.Now that you are older and your toys have by then long forgotten, this will return! For your stuffed animal has never forget you!

Sheldon Grogg:

Sheldon has to wander all his life spent in the darkness and was always looking for a friend.Restless and drunk with grief he wandered through dozens of children's bedroom to finally find peace and security.Loneliness makes him almost insane and only the alcohol rescues him throughout the day.

Size about.30cm