Pinhead Hellraiser figure 180cm

Item #: 14619

Pinhead Hellraiser figure 180cm

Lifesize Pinhead character from the horror movie "Hellraiser"

The biggest Pinhead we ever had in stock! Whole 180cm tall is the Cenobiten Boss from the movie Hellraiser, who leads a gang of sadistic demons.The two-piece Pinhead Hellraiser figure foam of solid polystyrene and comes with already mounted, rammed into his skull nails.His sadistsiches torture tool is also included and dangles dangerously on his hip.

The Hellraiser figure is particularly well at the entrance, to welcome guests or as a watchman for the bloody buffet the most crude comes when it is decorated with our plastic chains and butchers chopping.Super ingenious and impressive Halloween and horror decorations!