Rocking Witch Hat Animatronic

Item #: 19234

Rocking Witch Hat Animatronic

Get the party started!

A pointed hat is one of the main charcteristics of any witch. In medieval times it was considered the distinctive mark of those who were in league with the devil. Nowadays witch hats are cool accessories and extravagant decorations for Halloween and carnival parties.  When activated by a loud noise (e.g. clapping), our Rocking Witch Hat Animatronic comes alive and turns into a singing and dancing entertainer.

The animated hat is made of black cloth and features a lovely Halloween motif at the front. A spiral inside the hat plays party music and makes the tip of the hat move. The brim of the magic hat is made of black felt and decorated with a decorative brown hatband. The plastic plate on the bottomside contains the battery case and the on and off switch and makes sure the rocking witch hat stands on a solid base. If you are looking for more animated decorations for your party, check out the Dancing Pumpkin Animatronic and the Dracula Coffin Animatronic.

Dimensions: height approx. 27 cm, diameter approx. 26 cm

The Rocking Witch Hat Animatronic includes: 1 animated witch hat, batteries are NOT included

  • needs 3 AA batteries
  • this item is only a decoration, not a costume accessory
  • sings and moves