Creepy Ghoul Animatronic

Item #: 19615

Creepy Ghoul Animatronic

Eerie Undead Animatronic with light and sound for Halloween

The skeleton rises from his grave and makes the Graveyard to run the gauntlet for all people.Laughing and crying flies the horror ghost through the area and leaves everything and every fear solidify.These bony hands and bright eyes every ghost train is a lot richer and scarier.

The creepy ghoul Animatronic is an atmospheric Halloween decoration with light and sound effects.The Ghoul Animatronic reacts to noise, resulting in his upper body rotates from left to right and the eyes light up as an eerie howling sounds.The frame of the Ghoul Animatronics is composed of three parts easily plugged together and the horror figure on top of it stuck.The Grim Reaper on grave stone and the Poker skull made of polyresin .

Delivery: 3 piece pedestal, skeleton statue with integrated electronics

  • Responds to sounds
  • Material: plastic, fabric and styrofoam.
  • Color: Grey / Black
  • Dimensions: approx82cm x 62cm (height x width)