Drinking Cups 0,5 l

Item #: 8800300

Drinking Cups 0,5 l

Make sure your guests don't die of thirst!

The right partyware is essential when you organize a party. You want to make sure your guests can enjoy their food and, more important, their drink! A party without booze is just no fun!

The Drinking Cups 0,5 l hold half a litre. A mark on the outside of the cup indicates the amount of liquid you can fill in. The cups are plain white, so you and your guests can personalize their cups. They can write their name on it to avoid confusion pep it up with funny decals. One pack contains 60 Drinking Cups 0,5 l, so you can invite all your friends to the party without running out of paper cups. Foodwise, we recommend you serve  Lemon Flavoured Jelly on Skull Plate violet !

Pack contains 60 pcs

Material: cardboard