Cyberlox Green

Item #: 660014

Cyberlox Green

Unusual cyber hair part in poisonous green!

This Cyberlox in green is perfect for all cyber gothics who want to give their outfit the finishing touch or a little change to their dread hair section , With this poison-green hairpiece, you transform your hair into a cool look.

With the Cyberlox green you can complete or improve your cyber outfit and are therefore ready for the next party night or gothic festivals like the WGT or Mera Luna. The Cyberlox green is a cool cyber hair accessory in black / green. The hair part consists of two bundles of Cyberlocks, which you can wear together as a large hair part or right and left as two cases. Together with a few foams or dreads, your Cyberlox hairpiece looks really cool. And if you are missing something to your cyber outfit, we have to match your Cyberlox green too Inamagura Vinyl Platform Boots As well as the Poizen Fashion Steampunk Goggles ,

  • Colour: black green
  • Length: approximately 50 cm
  • Material: plastic