Mini Gargoyle Keeper Avalon

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Mini Gargoyle Keeper Avalon

Let a dragon guard your desk!

In Celtic and Britannic mythology, Avalon is the legendary island where King Arthur was taken to recover from his wounds after fighting Mordred. The holy place is guarded by a little petified demon that comes to life only at nighttime.

The Mini Gargoyle Keeper of Avalon is crouched down on a small hill. The winged gargoyle wears a broad smile on his face, his little horns make him look rather demonic. The creature's beefy chest and the smiling features look like carefully carved out of stone. The Mini Gargoyle Goliath and the Mini Gargoyle Eragon are two more guardians from this set of gargoyles.

Product information:
  • Material: polyresin
  • Colour: grey
Measurements: approx. 5 cm x 6 cm x 8 cm ( length x width x height)